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Gene regulation in cyanobacteria


Taina Tyystjärvi
e-mail: taityy [at]
tel. +358 2 3335797


Taina Tyystjärvi, Ph .D, Lecturer, Project Leader
Juha Kurkela, PhD Student
Satu Koskinen, Researcher
Cyanobacteria are responsible of at least one third of carbon fixation on the Earth and thus they are important primary producers. In addition, some species are capable of nitrogen fixation. Acclimation of cyanobacteria to changing environmental conditions requires adjustment of gene expression. The sigma subunit of RNA polymerase has a central role in regulating gene expression in cyanobacteria. The sigma subunit is required for transcription initiation and it recognizes promoter regions. Cyanobacteria have one essential sigma factor and varying numbers of other sigma subunits. Replacement of one sigma subunit in the RNA polymerase by another one induces a main change in the gene expression profile.


The principal sigma factor of the cyanobacterium Synechochystis sp. PCC 6803 is a SigA factor. Four sigma factors, SigB, SigC, SigD and SigE, closely resemble the SigA factor. These sigma factors are not essential under optimal conditions but recent results have revealed that they are important under different stress conditions. We aim at elucidation of the signalling cascades for each sigma factor and at finding out what genes and how each sigma factor regulates. Simultaneously, our results reveal signalling cascades participating in acclimation processes under different stress conditions. We use both molecular biology methods and biochemical and biophysical methods in our research.


This basic research will help us to understand how ecologically important cyanobacteria acclimate to environmental changes. Furthermore, understanding of cyanobacterial gene regulation is crucial for any project aiming at using cyanobacteria as biofactories to produce useful compounds like bioenergy products.


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