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Distribution of reducing power in plastid metabolism


Paula Mulo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
email: paula.mulo [at]


Paula Mulo, Assistant Professor, Project Leader 
Magda Grabsztunowicz, Postdoctoral Researcher
Minna Koskela, M.Sc., Ph.D. student


The chloroplasts of higher plants perform oxygenic photosynthesis resulting in the transfer of light energy into chemical form, which is the basis of heterotrophic life on Earth. Photosynthesis may be dived into two sets of reactions: light reactions taking place in the thylakoid membranes, and carbon fixation reactions in soluble stroma. To ensure immaculate primary production under a wide spectrum of environmental conditions, the structure and function of photosynthetic machinery must be extremely dynamic. The molecular mechanisms behind these dynamic changes remain largely uncharacterised, although detailed knowledge of these reactions is of utmost importance for understanding the adaptation on organism level


Ferredoxin-NADP+-oxidoreductase (FNR) is a FAD-containg enzyme found both in the chloroplasts and non-photosynthetic plastids of higher plants. In chloroplasts, FNR has a well-defined role in linear electron flow, and in the root plastids, FNR is needed for nitrogen metabolism. In Arabidopsis thaliana, FNR is encoded by a gene family: At1g30510 and At4g05390 encode the root isozyme of FNR and At5g66190 and At1g20020 encode the leaf/chloroplast isozyme, which share a high degree of homology. Since FNR is a crucial determinant for the acclimation of the photosynthetic machinery, we have recently focused on resolving the specific physiological roles of the two distinct chloroplast-targeted FNR isoforms using the Arabidopsis fnr knock-out mutants (Lintala et al. 2007; 2009; 2012). We have also resolved the binding partner and the physiological significance of FNR shuttling within the chloroplast (Benz et al. 2009; 2010; Lintala et al.2014), and established differential drought stress -induced expression of various genes encoding potential components (including FNR isoforms) of cyclic electron transfer (Lehtimäki et al. 2010). Moreover, we have focused on the effects of post-translational modifications on the function of FNR (Lehtimäki et al. 2014).
The ultimate aim of our project is to resolve how the reducing power produced by the photosystems is distributed towards various stromal reactions.
Our aim is to resolve which alternative electron transfer routes are induced upon specific stress conditions, to characterize the role of FNR in these reactions, and to identify novel molecular components involved in the alternative electron transfer routes in the chloroplasts of higher plants.


Oxygenic photosynthesis, producing carbohydrates and oxygen, is the basis of heterotrophic life on Earth. The success to apply photosynthesis in production of sustainable and carbon neutral energy as well as in production of maximal yields for food supplies depends on the thorough understanding of photosynthetic mechanisms.



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