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Plant Biophysics Project


Esa Tyystjärvi
e-mail esatyy [at]
phone: +358 50 438 2766 (office) +358 40 511 3503 (mobile)


Esa Tyystjärvi, PhD, Project Leader
Taras Antal, PhD, research fellow
Arto Soitamo, PhD, post-doc
Sergey Khorobrykh, PhD, pos-doc
Dimitar Valev, MSc, PhD student
Heta Mattila, M.Sc, PhD student
Suvi Ojanen, DI,  PhD student
Vesa Havurinne, PhD student
Pooneh Sotoudehnia, PhD student
Tinja Pitkämäki, Researcher
Mikko Antinluoma, student, research assistant
Olli Virtanen, student, research assistant
Iiris Kuusisto, student, research assistant
Telma Kuuslampi, student, research assistant
Past members
Susanne Rantamäki, PhD
Päivi Sarvikas, PhD
Eija Terävä, PhD
Mika Keränen, PhD
Marja Hakala-Yatkin, PhD
Sujata Mishra, PhD
Anna Polishchkuk, PhD
Lauri Mukkala, researcher
Kaija Porkka, researcher

Photosystem II is an enzyme complex used by plants and cyanobacteria to convert the energy of light to chemical form and to produce oxygen. Although light is the driving force of photosynthesis, light also damages the photosynthetic machinery. The damaging reaction is called photoinhibition and Photosystem II is its target. Plants need to continuously repair the damage caused by photoinhibition by degradation and synthesis of the D1 protein of Photosystem II. Both visible and ultraviolet light cause photoinhibition.


The main research topic of the project is photoinhibition of Photosystem II. Our group was the first to propose that photoinhibition starts with light absorption of the manganese ions of the oxygen evolving complex of Photosystem II. The hypothesis is known as the manganese mechanism of photoinhibition. The action spectrum of photoinhibition and release of manganese from Photosystem II during illumination support the manganese hypothesis. Phenomena related to photoinhibition can also be seen in other manganese complexes.
In addition to photoinhibition, we study energy and electron transfer reactions in Photosystem II. We are particularly interested in charge recombination reactions. We also develop a method for automatic identification of plants using chlorophyll fluorescence.


We do mainly basic research. Understanding Photosystem II is necessary for bioenergy production because splitting of water with sunlight is a goal of research on both artificial photosynthesis and bioenergy research that aims at developing biological processes.
Our work with chlorophyll fluorescence can be used for automatic identification of plants in precision farming.


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Temporary free link: Khorobrykh and Tyystjärvi 2018
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