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Redox networks in plant chloroplasts

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Eevi Rintamäki, Professor
email: eevi.rintamaki [at]
Tel. : +358 2 3335568
Mobile: +358 40 5813630


Eevi Rintamäki, Professor, Project Leader
Jouni Toivola,  Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher
Manuel Guinea Diaz, Postdoctoral Researcher
Lauri Nikkanen, PhD Student
Clara Mignée, PhD Student


 As a light-driven energy factory chloroplast absorbs light and converts it into chemical energy, but besides this primary mission it perceives signals from surroundings to adjust plant development and induce acclimation to ever changing environmental cues. Apart from the basic task in photosynthetic energy metabolism, chloroplasts are also the place for a numerous indispensable metabolic reactions including nitrogen and sulphur assimilation, biosynthesis of amino acids, lipids, hormones, cofactors and secondary metabolites that directly affect plant growth capacity. Redox signals are crucial in the control of chloroplast functions including biogenesis, photosynthetic reactions and other biosynthetic pathways localized to chloroplast in plant cells. Redox compounds are also most plausible candidates for the molecules that mediate the regulatory information from chloroplast to other cellular compartments in plant.


Our project addresses to systemic analysis of chloroplast redox networks with specific focus on the plastidial members of thioredoxin protein family, and to molecular dissection of their function in plant development, control of chloroplast metabolism, determination of biomass yield and in relation to plant fitness.
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Plant and algal chloroplasts are living bioreactors converting solar energy into chemical energy that is an ultimate source of energy in ecosystems. Understanding the redox networks in chloroplasts and their interconnections to plant other processes are of fundamental importance for developmental, metabolic and bioenergetics research of photosynthetic organisms and its application for bioenergy production and for production of biopharmaceuticals in chloroplasts. Thioredoxins represent a central regulator of plant defense and development, and are therefore in the heart of processes that must be understood to achieve the goals.



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