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FYGE Research seminars

The FYGE Research Seminars are held approximately every other Tuesday (or more seldom) at 14:15-15:00 in the seminar room 215 of the Dept. of Biology, in the 2nd floor of Natura building, University of Turku. Please follow the schedule from here or from the FYGE4311 Moodle pages. Suggestions for speakers are also welcome by the coordinator Päivi Koskinen: paivi.koskinen (at)



14.2.2017 at 14:15 Dr. Manu Tamminen (ETH Zürich & Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Sciences): "Inferring functional roles and physical interactions in microbial ecosystems"  

28.2.2017 at 14:15 M.Sc. Jenny Joutsen (Turku Centre for Biotechnology): "Importance of human heat shock factors in cellular stress responses​"

7.3.2017 at 14:15 Dr. Janne Atosuo (Department of Biochemistry, University of Turku): ”Measuring indoor air total toxicity by the E. coli-lux method"

21.3.2017 at 14:15 Dr. Suvi Ruuskanen (Department of Biology, University of Turku): "Maternal thyroid hormones: variation, function and measurement methods"

18.4.2017 at 14:15​ M.Sc. Sanni Översti (Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki):​ "Maternal lineages in Finland: population-characteristic haplogroups" 

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