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Geotieteiden seminaarisarja - Geoscientific Seminars


TBA = speaker/title to be announced later 
5 Jan 2018 Evgenia Salin: Age and geochronology of granitoids in the pre-cambrian basement of Öland       
Jaakko Kara: ~1.86 Ga High niobium magmatism
19 Jan 2018 Karoliina Kehusmaa: Mine waste water induced meromixis in lakes
26 Jan 2018 Stefan Mattbäck: Metal leaching from Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS)
2 Feb 2018 Krister Dalhem: Sulfidic estuarine sediments or Chemical treatments of ASS
9 Feb 2018 Anu Hynninen: Geomicrobiology
16 Feb 2018 Jon Engström: Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) in migmatites - a case study from Olkiluoto
23 Feb 2018 Mira Tammelin: Naturally eutrophic Finnish lakes and their response to anthropogenic forcing
2 March 2018 Pietari Skyttä: Concrete 3D-modelling
9 March 2018 Saija Saarni: Spring flood induced catchment erosion as indicator of past climate

6 April 2018 Heider Al Humadi: Recycling of inherited zircons through supra-subducton Mawat ophiolite, NE Iraq
13 April 2018 Anna Saukko: Granites and migmatites of southernmost Finland
20 April 2018 Sarianna Salminen: Effect Of Lake Rehabilitation On Varve Formation And Hypolimnetic Hypoxia in Lake Vesijärvi
4 May 2018 TBA