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Application of magnetic biomonitoring in  air pollution research

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 'I want to create my own space' - A time-geographic analysis of the lives of children and young people on the streets of Pelotas, Brazil

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Adaptability, Transformation and Complex Changes in Namibia and Tanzania: Resilience and Innovation System Development in Local Communities

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Finnish maritime personnel's conceptions on safety management and safety culture

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Modelling ecological values in heterogeneous and dynamic landscapes with geospatial data

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Geographical studies of underwater light dynamics in the coastal archipelago of SW Finland, Baltic sea

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Climate change and global responsibility - the role of energy consumption, GDP and CO2 emissions

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The Sensivity of Annually Laminated Lake Sediments in Central and Eastern Finland to the Late Holocene Climate

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Geochemical baselines in the assessment of soil contamination in Finland

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Genesis and Evolution of Brittle Structures In Southwestern Finland and Western South Africa. Insights into Fault Reactivation, Fluid Flow and Structural Maturity in Precambrian Cratons

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Lithostratigraphy and age of pre-Late Weichselian sediments in the Suupohja area, western Finland2013) 

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