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Salomaa Prize

Salomaa Prize in Automata Theory, Formal Languages, and Related Topics

​The first Salomaa Prize was given to Dr. Jean-Eric Pin

The first international Salomaa Prize was given recently to Dr. Jean-Eric Pin from Paris. The prize ceremonies took place in Tokyo, in the annual DLT (Developments in Langauge Theory) conference.
Jean- Eric Pin is one of the leading researchers in automata theory.  He has published a number of fundamental contributions, in particular in algebraic automata theory, during his forty years career. Currently he is editing a two volume 1.500 pages large Handbook on Automata.
The Prize winner was selected by Salomaa Prize committee consisting Juhani Karhumäki (chair), Dominque Perrin and Mikhail Volkov. The award was funded by the University of Turku.

The Salomaa Prize winner J.-E. Pin (middle) with award committee members M. Volkov and J. Karhumäki.

Dr. Jean-Eric Pin giving his speech.

Salomaa Prize

The Developments in Language Theory (DLT) Symposium has decided to create a prize to be awarded during the DLT conference. The SALOMAA PRIZE is named to honour the scientific achievements and influence of Academician Arto Salomaa, a founder of the DLT symposium. The prize consists of a diploma and 2.000 euros, funded by the University of Turku, Finland, the home university of Arto Salomaa.

The award is given to a distinguished researcher on his/her fundamental achievements on automata theory and related topics. The achievement might be a single article, a series of articles, or a broader impact on the theory. The criteria is the scientific excellence. Any researcher on automata theory is eligible to the prize.
The first prize was awarded during DLT 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.
There is an open call for nominations of  the Salomaa Prize. A detailed nomination letter, following the instructions in the guidelines, should be sent to the chair of the prize committee:

Prof. Juhani Karhumäki
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Turku, Finland
20014 Turun yliopisto, FINLAND

The nominations can be sent either by email or by ordinary mail. 

Please find more information about the Salomaa Prize from this page: Salomaa Prize.