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Mitä alumnimme sanovat

M.Soc.Sc. Hanna Koskenranta

"I can say I was very happy the Master's Programme in Asian Studies was recommended to me, because the last years have been very interesting for me studywise. Thanks for that to you [at CEAS]."

Hanna Koskenranta was employed as Special Project Manager by CMT-Sourcing Group Ltd, Guangzhou, China straight after her graduation in Autumn 2007.

M.Soc.Sc. Hanna Haverinen

"The studies of the Asia Programme help me in my work to navigate between Chinese and Finnish culture. Honestly speaking, I was employed because of my Asian Studies background. I'm very happy with the teaching I received at the Centre."

Hanna Haverinen was employed by FutuVision Eu-Sino Oy of Tampere, Finland straight after her graduation in the spring of 2008.

M.Soc.Sc. Niko Lindholm

"My time at CEAS was very rewarding. The academic degree that I was able to receive will certainly open up doors for me in the future. East Asia will be and is a major region politically, economically and culturally. The programme and the degree gave me the invaluable tools to understand the region.

Teaching at CEAS is of highest degree. This is complemented with the Centre's networks in Asia and Europe. During the two years I was able to work, research and study in Vietnam, Japan and Denmark. That proves that CEAS and the programme truly helps one to develop in an international direction. I am indebted to CEAS for this.

The degree and knowledge that I was able to acquire during the two years has already helped me to pursue the career of my dreams. The programme is a long term investment for a student - Carpe Diem!"

After graduation in 2010 Niko Lindholm went on first to KONE Corporation and is now with the Finpro organisation.

M.Soc.Sc. Tim Glogan

"The teaching staff here are very knowledgeable and experienced and take a very keen and positive interest in the work that each student is doing, which is very motivating and creates an excellent atmosphere."

Tim Glogan went back to his consulting business Oy Finnish China Consulting Ltd after graduating in the autumn of 2011.