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Turku Center for Welfare Research (TCWR)

Schedule for TCWR-seminars, Spring 2017 

On Fridays at 10.15-11.45 in Publicum, 4rd floor, Seminar room 499 (Uno Harva room) if not otherwise mentioned.

27.1 Antti Tanskanen, Mirkka Danielsbacka: Ylisukupolviset suhteet Australiassa  Huom! klo 13.15-14.45

10.2 Peter Fallesen (Uni. Stockholm): Children’s Age At Time Of Divorce And Gender Differences In Parent’s Post-Divorce Earnings. Place: Pub 5

24.2. Sami Mustikkamaa: Lazy or activated? Class-based interplay of active labor market policies and opinions about the unemployed. Place: sh471

10.3. Samuel Piha: Exploring the 'unmentionables': What are the determinants of buying sex toys?  Place: sh471

31.3. Joonas Ollonqvist: Decomposition of Income Inequality: Analyses for Finland, 1993-2011. Place: sh399

7.4. Johanna  Kallio, Hanna Wass, Hannu Lahtinen: Political Orientation and Class among Professionals in Social and Diaconal Work in Finland. Place: sh399

21.4. Ilari  Ilmakunnas, Pasi Moisio: Social Assistance Trajectories Among Young Finnish Social Assistance Recipients – What Are The Determinants Of Welfare Dependency?

5.5. Leif Nordberg: Tulot, onnellisuus ja hyvinvointi

19.5. Irene Prix & Elina Kilpi-Jakonen: Not in Class of One's Own: The Role of Parental Resources and Social Mobility Trajectories for Entering Gender-atypical Education Fields in Finland.  

Note! The seminar program is subject to revision. Late changes will be broadcasted through the TCWR mailing list. For further information,please contact Hannu Lehti (

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