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Chemistry +CH

Compulsory course 

1. The chemistry of man and of the living environment (CH1)


The objectives of the course are for students to

  • obtain an overview of chemistry, its possibilities and significance in society and in everyday life
  • consolidate their understanding of previously learnt basics of chemistry in connection with the topics dealt with
  • learn working safely in the laboratory
  • know how to examine the properties and reactions of chemicals experimentally and theoretically applying chemical modelling  (e.g. Periodic table), simulations and different sources of information critically,


Core contents

  • The significance of chemistry in the present world, future studies and working life
  • The atomic structure and the Periodic Table
  • Properties of some common elements and compounds
  • Explaining the properties of substances by using the structure of the matter, chemical  bonds and polarity of the molecules
  • Working safely in the laboratory and learning of principles of chemical investigations
  • e.g. observations, analysis and conclusions.