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History and Social studies +HI
Objectives: history courses are based on a comparative and multiperspective approach to history. It involves the study of a variety of types of history, including political, economic, social and cultural, and provides a balance of structure and flexibility. The course emphasizes the importance of encouraging students to think historically and to develop historical skills as well as gaining factual knowledge. It puts a premium on developing the skills of critical thinking, and on developing an understanding of multiple interpretations of history. In this way, the course involves a challenging and demanding critical exploration of the past and gives tools to understand present.


1. History Course

the Origins of the Modern History (1750-1890)

  • the Industrial Revolution

  • the French Revolution

  • Napoleon and his Era

  • Conservatism

  • Liberalism

  • Nationalism

2. History Course

Finnish History: from the Grand Duchy to a modern, independent state

  • Sweden and Russia - Finland years 1808-1809
  • Finland during the 19th century: national awakening and economical and social reforms
  • February Manifesto and Russification - 1905
  • Breakdown of the Relations –  Political developments and Independency Declaration
  • the Civil War
  • the Cultural and Political developments during the 1920s and 1930s
  • Finland and the WW2 
  • Finland after the war year to the Modern Society

3. Social Studies: Finland and the EU (NEW!)

  •  European context and identity
  • the European Union: objectives and content (European Parliament, Commission, EMU)
  • Security and challenges, globalisation and environment issues
 Assessment: Student is active! -->thinking, making interpretations, answering, co-operation with other students, exams, investigations, presentations. (Criteria based)