in English
Pre-IB psychology +PS1

The goal of the psychology course in pre-IB is to give students a general understanding of psychology as a school subject and as a field of research. We will begin by examining what are the professions that psychologists/ psychiatrists are specialized in, and will then take a look at different topics that could be examined in psychology. We will also examine the research methods that psychologists use when trying to understand behavior. Although the focus of psychology is on human behavior, we will additionally get to see how this knowledge can and should be applied. This one course in psychology will also introduce psychology as a scientific discipline by examining its origins; where did psychology develop from and where is it today? The course thereby offers an overview of psychology, by focusing on the following perspectives:

  • Psychodynamic perspective on human behavior
  • Learning perspective, e.g. behaviorism and social learning theory
  • Cognitive perspective on human behavior (focus on human memory and how it works)
  • Humanistic perspective on human behavior
  • Social psychology
  • Biological perspective

Aims (skills needed and practiced):

  • Reading theoretical text in English.
  • Using psychological concepts.
  • Writing skills (essay).
  • Concentration during lessons, discussing and listening.
  • Applying critical thinking.
  • Using Moodle as an electronic learning environment.

Assessment: Class participation (homework, discussions, pair/groupwork), a home essay, a test demonstrating knowledge on psychological terminology and being able to apply the knowledge to extended response questions.