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IB Policy on Misconduct in Examination Situations

An act of misconduct by a candidate in relation to the examinations must be reported to the IB Assessment Centre using the email link Academic honesty issues under Contact us on IBIS without delay. Academic misconduct constitutes a breach of regulations that, if confirmed by the final award committee, will result in no grade being awarded in the subject and level concerned.
The following actions are examples of misconduct relating to the written examinations:
stealing examination papers, communicating with another candidate
failing to obey the instructions of the coordinator/invigilator
helping or receiving help from another candidate
impersonating another candidate,  possession of unauthorized material
consulting material outside the examination room during a period of absence
behaving in a way that may disrupt the examination or distract other candidates
submitting work for assessment that is not authentic
removing or attempting to remove from the examination room examination material, such as answer booklets or examination papers,
leaving the examination room without permission,
continuing to answer an examination paper when told to stop by an invigilator or the coordinator,
disclosing or discussing the content of any examination paper with any person outside the immediate school community within 24 hours after an examination.
The coordinator/invigilator has the right to expel from the examination room any candidate whose behaviour is interfering with the proper conduct of the examinations.
A candidate should not be expelled from the examination room solely on the basis of suspected misconduct. Whenever misconduct is suspected, if practical, the candidate should be formally cautioned but allowed to complete the examination. However, to avoid disturbing other candidates, it is acceptable to raise the matter with the candidate concerned at the end of the examination. This excludes disruptive behaviour, which must be stopped immediately. When reporting a case of alleged academic misconduct the coordinator must provide:
a copy of the record of events kept during the examination
a seating plan
a statement from each of the invigilators of the examination and any other staff concerned
a statement from the candidate(s) that addresses the allegation of misconduct
a photograph of any unauthorized material brought into the examination room.
The report must not offer an opinion on the likely penalty that should be imposed by the final award committee if academic misconduct is established.
Coordinators must inform the head of school that a case of misconduct is being reported to the IB Assessment Centre. The report should not be copied to the regional office.
A case of alleged misconduct must not be reported to an examiner. The candidate’s script must be sent to the address notified on IBIS with the scripts of other candidates without any reference to the incident.