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Jukka 'Jups' Heikkilä
IT architectures
Business and Value Modelling on IT services



Jukka Heikkilä a.k.a Jups, born in 1961, holds Ph.D. (econ.) in Information Systems from the Helsinki School of Economics in 1995.

Jups is professor of Information Systems, especially Work Informatics, at the University of Turku, Turku School of Economics. Earlier he started and lead eBusiness education at the University of Jyväskylä for a decade (still part-time there), and initiated Technology Based Business education for other disciplines. More recently he introduced also a new era CIO career paths for at Masters, AMBA accredited Avance CIO eMBA and Ph.D education, and he is now heading the department of Mgmt at TSE.


ps is a founding member of the Information Systems Special Interest Group of the Finnish Society of Computer Science. He has originated and established an e-Business Education and Research Network for Euro-Asian Collaboration with a number of Finnish and Chinese Universities. He is also an expert member for the Finnish Information Tehnology Education Council and has participated in the development of research agendas of the Strategic centres for science, technology and innovation in Finland


His current research focuses on two main areas: First, how to design and handle IT-suppored activites and architecture for global, distributed ICT-enabled activities over a network of companies; and , what kind of institutional structure eBusiness of intangible products require, e.g., studying the proper governance structure for National Enterprise Architecture Interoperability initiative of the Finnish Government office, or Business and Value Modelling on IT enabled services. He has run numerous consultancy projects in co-operation with industry from paper machines to on-line gambling and research projects with European universities especially on mobile and eBusiness. The future endeavour concentrates to the new forms of globalizing, networked work, and its ICT-support



recent interview of Jups available in Finnish (thanks to Turku Science Park), another one in English (thanks to University of Turku)Here is my Inaugural presentation of 23.11.2011, (in Finni


Duties in teaching:

OIIT, Organization Implementation of IT 2012 (final exams closed)

TJS17 Enterprise Architecture 2012 (in moodle)

Knowledge Work in Spring 2013 with professor (emeritus) Markku I. Nurminen (to appear in moodle in Dec 2012). It has also a fieldwork, which is a separate, but related course.

We are also running CIOALS on related courses and events with Tomi Dahlberg, Hannu Salmela and Reima Suo



esearch projects:

SHOK Data-to-Intelligence (D2I) is a TIVIT resarch prograrm. Tieto ja viestintäteollisuuden tutkimus TIVIT Oy is a Finnish Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation in ICT area running a number of research progarms like D2I, which has about 40 partners working in a consortium of reserach institutions and companies. In D2I project our duty (Marikka, Tomi, Kessu, and Aki Koponen of CCR) is to work on Business modeling (see a webinar from this page) and master data management evaluation and creating best practices in both areas.

In TEKES UBISERVE -project we have been investigating the co-operation arrangements between Finnish and Chinese research instutions in the area of e- and ubiservices. The project will end in the end of 2012. The project is coordinated by the University of Jyväs


ICT-services co-operation strategy and roadmap for the municipalities of Kaarina, Lieto Naantali, Paimio, Turku, Health District of Finland Proper, Medbit Ltd., and University of Turku. There was an preceeding project on Enterprise Architecture coursework and workshops with the same set of municipalities (including Espoo). The results are available to the participants only.

We w

ere also running a few projects on user experience research (i.e., Reiska, Kimmo and also Frank Tétard and Nazrul Islam participated in research), the other one working Use and Learning evaluation of Small, Enhanced Touch Screen, and the other one developing user experience evaluation process and methodology for healthcare information systems with Logica.



-Chair of ICEC'2013 International Conference on eCommerce in Turku with prof. Harry Bouwman (FiDiPro, TUDelft) and the steering board member of ICEC.

Member of the Advisory Board of Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems.


Making things happen by the do'ers



ead, Department of Management, Turku School of Economics, University of Turku

Chairman of Turku Information Systems Research Alliance, TISRA

Chairman of eBusiness Education and Research in Europe and Asia, eBERE



hairman of EU FP7 Marie Curie IRSES eBEREA exchange program of researchers and teachers between Chinese and European Universities has been running for a number of years and running to an end in 2012. This is coordinated by University of Jyväskylä.

Member of the Advisory Board of China-Finland Strategic ICT Alliance.