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Reima Suomi
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Health care information systems
Strategic information systems
Telecommunication systems
IT infrastructure
Management of information systems

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Reima Suomi is a professor of Information Systems Science at University of Turku, and a part-time professor at Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan, Hubei, China.  He has been a professor at Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland since 1994. He is a docent for the universities of Turku and Oulu, Finland. Years 1992-93 he spent as a “Vollamtlicher Dozent” in the University of  St. Gallen, Switzerland, where he led a research project on business process re-engineering. Currently he concentrates on topics around management of networked activities, including issues such as management of telecommunication networks, electronic and mobile services, virtual organizations, telework and competitive advantage through telecommunication-based information systems. Different governance structures applied to the management of IS and are enabled by IS belong too to his research agenda, as well as application of information systems in health care.

Reima Suomi has together over 500 publications, and has published in journals such as Communications of the Association for Information Systems, CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, Information & Management, Information Services & Use, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Behaviour & Information Technology, Journal of Management History, Orthopaedic Nursing and Information Resources Management Journal.

He has edited books for several publishers including Springer and Routledge. For the academic year 2001-2002  he was a senior researcher “varttunut tutkija” for the Academy of Finland, and the year 2013 he is on a sabbatical made possible by the Finnish professor  grant system (Professoripooli).



  • Health care information systems
  • Management of ICT Infrastructures


  • Health care information systems
  • IT-governance
  • E-services
  • Strategic information systems
  • Management of information systems
  • IT Infrastructures



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