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Turku University Foundation Spring 2019 Call for Applications
​Decision will be made in the board meeting 4th April.
Grants are applied with an electronic application in the online application service. Researcher residency grants are applied with an informal application delivered via email.

Grants are awarded for the following purposes:
  • young researcher grants (for doctoral candidates not more than 35 years old)
  • research grants (for research groups, doctoral candidates over 35 years old, post doc researchers)
  • travel grants to congress and research trips abroad
Grant clinics will be organized during the application period. Details in the Ajankohtaista section.

More information on the grants and applications: Call for Applications

The application deadline is on Monday 25.2.2019 at 12 PM!

Young researcher grant

A working grant for a doctoral candidate not more than 35 years old. The amount of tax-free grant corresponds with the so-called artist grant, which amounts to 1730 € per month including the pension insurance premium payment, if the grant belongs to the statutory pension and accident insurance coverage. Without the insurance payment, the montly amount is 1500 €. The grant is awarded for a maximum period of 12 months.

Research grant

Research grant may be applied by
  • senior researchers coordinationg or planning a research project
  • over 35 years old doctoral candidates (in this case it is possible to apply only for a personal grant)
  • post doc -researchers

Travel grant to abroad

The travel grant may be applied for travel expenses, accommodation and a participation fee. The foundation does not support any other costs. The grant can not be applied if travel expenses are covered by the university before the decision date (the university will not accept grants retrospectively).

Researcher residency grant

The grant covers 1 to 3 week accommodation between 1.10.-31.12.2019 in the researcher recidency Villa Tammekann (Tartu, Estonia) designed by Alvar Aalto. The grant may be applied for a group as well.

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