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Development in the Former Garrison Was Initiated by the Foundation

The Turku University Foundation strives for the development of the University of Turku's operational possibilities. One indication of this is the Foundation's support for the construction of new faculty buildings for the University of Turku.

The University of Turku received buildings in the former garrison area for the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Social Sciences, neither of which had, since their establishement, enjoyed premises of their own. The Turku University Foundation played a key role in initiating and implementing the project as well as in organizing funding and managing the costs of the construction.

During the project, the strategic thinking and organizational culture of the building management of the University of Turku was also been developed. The design of the new premises provides for their versatile and flexible use.

The University of Turku has the possibility of renting the conference and seminar facilities for outside use to gain additional income.