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The Granö Centre (Villa Tammekann)

In 1998, the Turku University Foundation purchased a house in Tartu, designed by architect Alvar Aalto and restored following Alvar Aalto's original plans as closely as possible.

The restoration work was completed in the year 2000 and the building has, since then, functioned as a cooperative centre for the Universities of Turku and Tartu. The conference rooms, accommodation and sauna facilities of the Granö Centre serve as an excellent setting for meetings.

The Ministry of Education has entrusted the University of Turku with the task of developing cooperation between the universities in the Baltic Sea Region. Ties between the Universities of Turku and Tartu reach back to the time of their establishment.

In 1987, the two universities signed an official agreement for cooperation. Through the activities of the Granö Centre, the Turku University Foundation wishes to promote significant cultural exchange between Estonia and Finland.


 Homesite of Granö Centre (Finnish)