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Marie S. Curie IF Kick-start Workshop 20 - 21 May 2019

University of Turku is searching for talented researchers of any nationality interested in working at UTU and preparing a collaborative Marie S. Curie Individual Fellowship application with a committed supervising professor at UTU. We provide a funded opportunity for max. 10 researchers to meet with their to-be-supervisors and attend the Marie S. Curie IF Kick-start workshop 20-21 May 2019. Researchers are invited to apply together with their supervisors for the workshop. Successful applicants are usually in their post-doctoral phase. It is also important to note that due to the MSCA mobility rule, the applicant cannot have been in Finland for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.

The Research Funding unit will assist the applicant and the supervisor with the MSCA IF application. While the researcher and the supervisor will write and design the research plan, Research Funding unit helps with the technicalities of the application, and provides intensive guidance and writing tips.

UTU will make the hotel bookings and cover the accommodation costs of the 2-day course (max. 3 nights in a hotel 19-22 May). Flights + other travel costs will be reimbursed afterwards (max. 500 € for travel within Europe / 1400 € for intercontinental travel). In addition, with a separate agreement, the supervisor and their department can cover the costs of extra days to prolong the visit if needed.

The researcher should fill in the application form by the 7th of April 2019 together with

  • a CV
  • list of publications and
  • preliminary abstract of the research plan
  • a short description on how the applicant would benefit from the cooperation with the UTU host

For further information, please contact

Call for external applicants is closed


Preliminary programme

Arrival day:    Sunday 19.5.2019
Applicants arrive in Turku and check-in to hotel Scandic Julia

Training day one:  Monday 20.5.2019
Venue:   University of Turku, Porthan hall, Maaherran makasiini, Turku, Finland

9.30–9.45: Welcome and short introduction of participants
9.45–10.30: Introduction to the MSCA Individual Fellowships (IF) funding Speaker: Anu raunio, UTU Research Funding unit                    
10.30–10.45: Coffee
10.45–11.15: Hints and tips on successful MSCA applications  Speaker: James Conway, MSCA IF Fellow at UTU
11.15–11.45: Transferable skills and career planning  Speaker: Vesa Rautio, UTUGS
12.00–13.00: Lunch
13.00–13.30: Tips from successful and unsuccessful applications and feedback from experts  Speaker: prof. Rubina Kotak, UTU
13.30–14.00: Creating an application in the Funding & Tenders Portal
14.00–16.00: Start working with the host at their department
18.00–:  Marie S. Curie Fellows’ dinner at restaurant Tårget

Training day two: Tuesday 21 May 2019
Venue:   University of Turku, Porthan hall, Maaherran makasiini, Turku, Finland

09.00–10.30: Application criteria + exercises: Excellence  Speaker: Lauri Keskinen, UTU Research Funding unit
10.30–10.45: Coffee
10.45–12.30: Application criteria + exercises: Impact and Implementation  Speaker: Maria Maunula, UTU Research Funding unit
12.30–13.30: Lunch
13.30–14.30: Abstract exercise, Conclusions / Discussion
14.30–16.00: Visit to your research environment and continue discussions with your supervisor and his/her team

Departure day: Wednesday 22 May 2019

Venues on map

MSCA IF Turku 2019 map

1 Hotel Scandic Julia

2 University of Turku, Porthan hall, Maaherran makasiini

3 Dinner venue Restaurant Tårget