ABOAGORA 2021: “Fire”


18.8.2021 at 11.00 - 20.8.2021 at 19.00
Aboagora is an annual symposium that brings together academia, the arts, and society. Aboagora 2021 will explore Fire as both a literal and a metaphorical element.

Fire, if uncontrolled, can rapidly cause massive destruction and devastation. On the other hand, even disastrous wildfires can leave behind better conditions for new life and, when carefully harnessed, fire provides warmth, power, and a useful instrument for numerous purposes. The control of fire radically changed the course of human evolution hundreds of thousands of years ago, but to this day we have not been able to master it completely. Fire has a dual nature in a figurative sense as well. In terms of personality traits and emotions, it can be equated with inspiration, zeal, and fervor, but also rage and fanaticism.

Aboagora 2021 will bring together viewpoints from social sciences, cultural studies, natural sciences, literature, music, and visual and performance arts to explore fire as both a literal and a metaphorical element.

The event will feature keynote lectures from author and artist Rosa Liksom, artist and Creative Director Jules Rochielle Sievert (Nulawlab and Stable Ground Boston, Northeastern University School of Law, USA), Professor David Bowman (Director of the Fire Centre Research Hub, The University of Tasmania, Australia), and a performance by singer and author Astrid Swan together with Professor Hanna Meretoja (Director of the research centre SELMA: Centre for the Study of Storytelling, Experientiality and Memory).

These four sessions are free of charge and open for all. Attending the other performances and sessions requires an entrance fee of 20 € (for students and Doctoral Candidates 10 €). The full programme and registration details will be available in late spring/early summer at https://aboagora.fi/programme/

The symposium will be organised as a hybrid event, taking place both at the Sibelius Museum and online via livestream. By paying the entrance fee, you will have access to both the livestream and the Sibelius Museum, and you may choose freely, whether to attend in person or online.

We are monitoring the Covid-19 situation closely and will adjust our plans as needed.

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