Aboagora 2022 "Wind"


24.8.2022 at 10.30 - 26.8.2022 at 20.00
Air is the fundamental element for life and breathing, but it is also a source of pleasure and joy. It has been a playground for artists experimenting with lightness and transparency from acrobatics to visual arts. With climate change, air and temperature have become key questions of survival. Pure air has become almost a luxury commodity as pollution and urbanization have led to a situation where urban air is increasingly manufactured, and clean air is not available for everyone. Yet air is not a stable element: it is constantly changing and flowing, and thus it also carries the possibility for change.

ABOAGORA 2022 will approach wind and air both literally and metaphorically. The talks and performances will examine air as a basic element of life and ecology, but will also address the complex ties between nature, technology and human experience. The symposium will bring together the humanities, natural sciences, psychology, photography and visual and performance arts to address the various winds around us and within us – ecological and societal, material and metaphorical – and their interconnections.

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