Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis ADDA 2

The Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis - ADDA 2 Conference will be held on the 23-25 of May in Educarium, Assistentinkatu 5, by the School of Languages and Translation Studies. This international conference aims to bring together researchers interested in the analysis of digital discourse from different disciplines, approaches and traditions. It seeks to foster state-of-the-art debates and discussions on this burgeoning field of research and provide opportunities for multidisciplinary and critical reflection.

The Plenary Speakers are accomplished researchers in their respective fields:

Professor of Linguistics Pilar Garcés-Conejos Blitvich from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (USA) will provide a better understanding of the proliferation of online shaming in her presentation “Moral indignation, moral panics, social regulation, and online shaming”.

Professor of Learning and Technology Carey Jewitt from the University College London (UK) will explore emergent discourses and socio-technical imaginaries of digital touch for remote communication in relationships in her talk “Emerging Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Digital Touch for Remote Personal Communication”.

Professor of Sociolinguistics Rodney H. Jones from the University of Reading (UK) will discuss about the importance of textuality in processes of surveillance in general but in digital surveillance in particular in his talk “Genres of disclosure, legibility, and the future of digital surveillance”.

Professor of English Linguistics Tuija Virtanen from the Åbo Akademi University (FI) will explore digital ‘microtextuality’ in a multimodal environment in her presentation “Enhancing social presence through textual action”.

We welcome all the interested staff members, researchers and students to attend the ADDA 2 Conference. The registration will be open until May 10. More information about the participation fees and plenary speakers from the official website:

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