Child psychiatry research day I: Epidemiological research


12.2.2019 at 9.00 - 15.00
The Department of Child Psychiatry and the Research Centre for Child Psychiatry, University of Turku, organize a research day where the most recent research of epidemiology is presented. The event is aimed at graduate students and post docs in particular, and additionally anyone interested in doing research in the future is warmly welcome. The aim of the day is to share research ideas, enable involvement with ongoing research projects and create novel research opportunities.

The Research Centre for Child Psychiatry is one of the core research teams of the University of Turku research profiling area of Children, Young People and Learning, and we are presently participating in an Academy of Finland flagship program focusing on decreasing societal inequality and renewing the welfare state “Inequalities, Interventions, and New Welfare State (INVEST)”. Two consortium studies funded by the Academy of Finland are led from our centre, and we are participating in two Center of Excellence consortiums funded by National Institutes of Health, USA.

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