Children in focus: Talking and listening to children


30.1.2020 at 12.00 - 31.1.2020 at 14.00
Seminar for child research methods

We have the pleasure to invite international child researchers to Finland to an event on child research methods at the University of Turku. At this event on January 30.–31. 2020, our international research partners introduce central guidelines and recommendations on research methods concerning children under 12 years of age. Simultaneously, we provide space for discussion and questions on child research methods and responsible research practices.

There is also a chance to meet internationally merited child researchers who provide low-threshold advice for researchers and students around Finland.

Seminar program

Thursday 30.1.2020 (Publicum 1)

Welcome and opening by docent Leena Haanpää and docent Päivi Pihlaja

12:10- 13:30
Key-note speeches by professor Asher Ben-Arieh (The Haruv Chair for the Study of Child Maltreatment, Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Why do we need to talk with children and professor Sabine Andresen (Institut für Sozialpädagogik und Erwachsenenbildung, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt): Why we should listen to children? Conceptual and empirical insights from childhood studies.

Researcher Terhi Tuukkanen (Office of the Ombudsman for Children): How to gather information on small children’s experiences? Some lessons learned.

Coffee break

Docent Päivi Pihlaja (University of Turku): Screening toddlers social and emotional problems: The equivalence of child healthcare professionals and parents’ interpretation,

15:30 -16:30
Students meeting with the professors

Friday 31.1.2020 (Publicum 3)

Prof. Sabine Andresen: Asking children from age 6. Experiences with the Survey "World Vision Survey. Children in Germany from 6 to 11 years old.

Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh: What can we learn from children? And at what age?


Docent Leena Haanpää (University of Turku): The role of survey environment: Collecting data at home or at school.

Students meeting with the professors


We warmly welcome all parties interested in child research. Please sign up by 25.1. 2020

Organizer: University of Turku, Department of Education