CSC's Cloud Services


17.1.2019 at 12.00 - 15.30
This workshop gives you a practical introduction for using CSC's cloud services: Pouta & Rahti.
Pouta Cloud services are our Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) offering based on OpenStack, while Rahti Container cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering based on OpenShift (RedHat’s distribution of Kubernetes). CSC’s cloud services are meant for all fields of science, research & education. They are targeted for serving computational loads unsuitable to be run on typical CSC's super computing systems.

Some usecases where Pouta cloud services are especially suitable are projects that require applications with complex application stacks or projects that deal with sensitive data. Such applications might need specific OS versions, super-user access or other features that are not available for normal users on a supercomputer. For sensitive data processing, we offer ePouta virtual private cloud designed to meet security requirements of such data.

Rahti cloud services are suitable if your project leverages container technologies and a micro-service based approach. Rahti also provides flexible orchestration tooling for autoscaling, load balancing, secure connection terminations, to name a few, for your application.

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Simo Keuramo