Eureka Afternoon for researchers in health, life sciences and technology


Eureka Afternoon for researchers in health, life sciences and technology: What is the real value of my invention?

Are you interested in finding out ways to evaluate the market potential of your research? Have you found an interesting company collaborator for a joint project? Or perhaps you want to learn more how the University can support you with your innovation? Join Eureka Afternoon!

Eureka Afternoon offers tools and tips for researchers in different phases of innovation path:
- Learn what kind of instruments are available for research commercialization at the University
- find patents around your research topic and evaluate the patentability of your research
- monitor the global market in your research field
- navigate in business environment to find the right after route to commercialization
- get inspired about entrepreneurship opportunities.

Date: Torstai 28.3.2019 klo 12.00–15.00
Vanue: Janus hall, Kaivokatu 12, University of Turku

Session 1

12.00-12.05 Opening words

12.05–12.15 Introducing SPARK Finland – Juuso Blomster, SPARK Finland

12.15–12.25 Innovation process and TUTLI funding at the University of Turku – Piia Von Lode, Innovation Manager, Turku TTO, University of Turku

12.25–12.35 Introducing Life Science Accelerator – Hanna Halme, Turku Science Park Oy

12.35–13.00 The jungle of academic-industry agreements – Martina Snåre, Lawyer, Legal Affairs, University of Turku

13.00–13.50 TEQMINE Patent Similarity for easy evaluation of your inventive idea – Hannes Toivanen, CEO, Teqmine Oy

Coffee break 13.50-14.10

Session 2

14.10–14.25 Entrepreneurship University services for UTU researchers – Mikko Pohjola, Collaboration Manager, Innovation Services, University of Turku

14.25–15.00 When does an idea become a startup? Thoughts on investing in research-driven startups – Annastiina Salminen,

15.00 Wrap-up and discussion

Informaatikko Anna Salmi, Turun yliopiston kirjasto