FLL on Wicked Problems & TSE


10.6.2021 at 12.30 - 16.30
- Do you want to spend half-a-day just stretching your creativity and imagination - for fun?
- Do you want to learn by experience what is the skill called futures literacy?
- Do you want to try out the Futures Literacy Lab workshop format?
- Are you interested in the futures of the business schools?
- Are you interested in solving wicked problems?

Futures Literacy Labs is a workshop approach designed by UNESCO and the Global Futures Literacy Network. It aims at breaking down our tendency of locking our visions of the future into the confines of today’s realities. They are not about coming up with actionable roadmaps; instead, they unveil the possibilities that elude us when we’re wearing the blinders shaped out of the need of delivering something ‘useful’.

In this FLL we’ll focus on something we all as members of TSE know something about and have opinions of: the futures of our business school. We’ve already talked about the role of Business schools in shaping the futures societies, in being a part of the solutions needed for solving the wicked problems. In this lab, we’ll take a bold leap into the futures and imagine different ways of how that discussion might have panned out.

Please register for the event on 8th June at the latest. The zoom link will be sent to participants separately.
Thomas Westerholm