New Discoveries! - thesis seminar in Biomedicine


20.4.2022 at 8.30 - 22.4.2022 at 15.00
The annual Terveydeksi!/New Discoveries! thesis seminar showcases new BSc and MSc theses by students of Biomedicine as well as students from the Drug Discovery and Development and Biomedical Imaging specialisation tracks of the international Masters Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences.

For the public, the event offers an opportunity to learn about the results of the latest research in these fields. The graduating students, on the other hand, get to practice presenting their research in a conference-like setting.

The BSc presentations on Wednesday 20 April are given in Finnish, and the MSc presentations on Thursday and Friday are given in English. The MSc presentations also include a graphical abstract. Awards are given for the best BSc and MSc presentation as well as the best graphical abstract based on an audience vote!

For further information, please contact Jukka Tuominen (, 029 450 2069

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Jukka Tuominen