Online seminar session: Making sense of complexity (covid-19)


22.5.2020 at 12.00 - 29.5.2020 at 18.00
As we know, the situation with covid-19 is changing constantly. Due to current regulations, our face to face seminars are postponed to Autumn 2020.

During this remote-working period there emerges a need to create an on-line version of our session. This online version aims to also include industry guests. However, this variant of sessions is taking a long time to build due to various constraints. As some of you would like to have a seminar session before the academic year finalizes. In this session, Making sense of complexity, you have the freedom to a company within the following industries: manufacturing, hospitality, service, education, procurement. The aim is to explore how novel technologies can help to overcome one of the companys challenges triggered by covid-19 pandemic.

You can find a more detail deion about this session following this link:

You will notice this session has 3 stages.
You can work on your own time, however we need to fulfill specific deadlines:

Submission of Stage 1: Submit report clarifying the challenges ed of the company you chose and its solution (questions 1 to 13 ).
Deadline: May 22

Submission of Stage 2: Submit report of enriching the solution of a peers work (questions 14-15).
Deadline May 27

Submission of Stage 2: Online discussion to offer final remarks
Deadline May 29

Your work can be relevant for the company you choose, and you can deliver to them your final report afterwards.

If you are interested to join, please register in this link:

Looking forward for a rich creation of new ideas to help our community!

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