Open lecture - Global Transformations and Education Policy. Reimagining Globalization and Education


12.10.2022 at 10.00 - 12.00
Open lecture by Prof. Fazal Rizvi (Professor in Global Studies in Education, University of Melbourne and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education CELE). The lecture will be commented by the Master Student Aslihan Özgül (Master´s Degree Programme in Education and Learning, EdLearn), Doctoral Researchers Larimatti Teelmäki and Kaspian Herrala (Doctoral Programme on Educational Policy, Lifelong Learning and Comparative Education Research KEVEKO) and chaired by the Postdoctoral Researcher Suvi Jokila.

Lecture abstract:
Around the turn of the century, a neoliberal imaginary of globalization and education had become ideologically dominant. Since the Global Financial Crisis, however, this imaginary has been upended by several developments, including the growing recognition of the economic and social inequalities it has produced; the development of new mobile technologies that have transformed the nature of work and labour relations; the changing nature of governance through digital collection of data and the rise of Asia resulting in shifting geopolitics of the world and so on. Prof. Rizvi will discuss some of these developments, with the aim of considering how the relationship between globalization and education might now be reimagined.
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