ORNAMENTING-as-a-METHOD: exploring a poetical onto-ethico-epistemology, Elisabeth Belgrano

ORNAMENTING-as-a-METHOD: exploring a poetical onto-ethico-epistemology
Elisabeth Belgrano

In this presentation, Elisabeth performs an insight into the process of developing a research method that is based on a practice-led/diffractive/artistic research methodology. The results include a true story about a woman’s vocal awakening through the concept of NOTHINGNESS; about seventeenth-century voices and musical manuscripts; about voicing experiences in Venice, Kyoto and Jerusalem; about a collection of poems dedicated to one of the first opera singers – Anna Renz Romana - who became NOTHINGNESS on stage; and about touching on Italian Nothingness and French Je-ne-sais-quoi. As a (provisional) endpoint to this story, the presentation will articulate a process of ornamenting-as-a-method that allows for the emergence of a poetic-onto-ethico-epistemology.

Elisabeth L. Belgrano allows her performance research to diffract through contemporary vocal studies and 17th century vocal music. She is a recipient of the Noah Greenberg Award from the American Musicological Society (2005), and was awarded a PhD in Performance in Theatre and Music Drama for Performing Nothingness through Operatic Mad Scenes and Lamentations at the University of Gothenburg (2011). Elisabeth is also a supervisor and examiner through ‘performative methodologies’. Currently she is investigating the Art of (Vocal) Ornamentation as an intra-active research tool for measuring Nothingness and the Unknown.
Dr. Belgrano’s artistic research portfolio can be found at: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/378762/430811

This event and the event series are co-organized by:
The project Localizing Feminist New Materialisms (Academy of Finland, 2017–2021, http://femnewmat.utu.fi/)
A New Materialist Network (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2068994680007878/)
Gender Studies, University of Turku

Elisabeth’s talk is the seventh in a series of guest lectures and other events centered on new materialist thinking and research. The event is open to everyone, welcome!

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