Peace Process and the Future of the Korean Peninsula

South Korean President Moon Jae-in entered his third year in office in May this year. Under his administration inter-Korean relations have improved and the South Korean government played a crucial role in brokering the US-DPRK summits. However, the dynamics of the peace process have slowed down. This seminar will address current issues, challenges and prospects of formally ending the Korean War and establishing a peace regime on the Korean peninsula.

CEAS students participating in the event will receive two entries in their lecture passports.

Date: 5 September 2019 (Thu), 10:30-13:00hrs

Venue: Publicum, PUB5, Assistentinkatu 7, 20500 Turku


10:30 Welcoming Remarks

Professor Dr. Lauri Paltemaa, Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies

10:40 Opening Remarks

H.E. Ambassador Chang Jae-bok, Ambassador for Public Diplomacy, Republic of Korea

10:50 The Korean Peace Process 2018-19

Dr. Eunsook Chung, Senior Fellow, Department of Security Studies, The Sejong Institute

11:15 Korea Under the North Star: Towards and Beyond Peace

Dr. Sungju Park-Kang, Docent, Centre for East Asian Studies, UTU

-------------- Break -----------------

11:50 Peacebuilding as the Brand of Gangwon Province

Dr. Outi Luova, Docent and University Lecturer, Centre for East Asian Studies, UTU

12:10 Integration of North Koreans and Peace in the Korean Society

Suik Jung, PhD candidate, CEAS, UTU

12:30 Q&A and Discussion

12:50 Concluding remarks

H.E. Ambassador Jang Keun Ho, Chargé dAffaires Pro Tempore of the Embassy of the

Republic of Korea to Finland

13:00 End of seminar

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