Researching Security


8.2.2019 at 10.00 - 15.00
The seminar explores the concept of security from theoretical and methodological perspectives with the empirical focus on Finland and Sweden. The seminar is a part of the Kone Foundation funded project Muuttuvat uhkakuvat ja valvonnan mekanismit Suomessa (2018-2020) which examines threat perceptions and mechanisms of control in Finland in regional and global contexts over a 200-year period.

10:15-11:45 Juha Vuori: Securitization Theory in the Study of Finnish Security

The presentation distinguishes securitization that is produced diffusely and through high politics. Both viewpoints also shed light on the study of security in the context of Finland. As else, the relationship between security and liberty is troubled in Finland, and speaking and doing security has the potential of producing authoritarian pockets within a liberal democracy.

Juha Vuori is Professor of International Politics at the Tampere University. He has published widely on securitization theory, visual security studies, the Peoples Republic of China, and nuclear weapons.

13:15-14:45 Janne Flyghed: Threats to Swedens National Security?

Flyghed’s research interests are related to questions concerning how to keep crime and other kinds of deviant behavior at an acceptable level, and still remain a decent society. How do we fight what is perceived as threats to national security, and keep civil rights and freedoms intact? He has studied different kinds of policing, including security policing and private policing. In the realm of private policing he has analyzed the expansion of criminal investigations conducted by private security companies and audit firms as well as evictions in a historical perspective. At present, Flyghed focuses on the project Business as Usual, he alongside his colleague Isabel Schoultz, investigate the strategies big companies apply when defending themselves against accusations of having committed a crime.

Janne Flyghed is Professor in Criminology at the Stockholm University.

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