Sociality of an artificial agent and conversation analysis


16.11.2021 at 14.15 - 15.45
Nicolas Rollet will talk about human-robot interaction and how it can be approached with conversation analysis.

Nicolas Rollet works at Paris Télécom, Institut Polytechnique de Paris. He holds a PhD in language sciences (ILPGA, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, 2012), and he has specialized in the study of interactions in ordinary and professional contexts such as family meetings, musical rehearsals, digital library use, emergency medical interaction, human-robot interaction or prenatal ultrasound sessions (Télécom Paris, SAMU-Centre15, Urgence 114, CNRS, BNF). His work falls within the framework of Ethnomethodology, and Conversational Analysis accompanied by an ethnographic sensitivity. He is interested, among other things, in the way language is integrated into the body and in the integration of technical devices in complex social activities.