Study in Turku Fair


27.8.2020 at 10.00 - 14.00
The Study in Turku fair introduces new students to Turku. The services of the City of Turku, student and hobby organizations and companies will be presenting at the fair. The fair will be held outdoors, on the Cathedral Terrace (Tuomiokirkon Terassi). The fair is organized with weather reservation.

At the fair, new students will be introduced to the services and hobby opportunities of the City of Turku, local companies and associations, and student organizations. More than 50 exhibitors have registered for the fair.

The event has been moved to outdoor areas so that the fair can be conducted as safely as possible for both fair visitors and fair staff.

The fair will be held more constricted this year. The maximum amount of people in the area is 500 (including exhibitors and other staff).

We hope that students will come to the fair primarily with their tutor group, in which case the tutor will announce their entire group at once as a group registration. Students can also register and come to the fair independently.

Announce your tutor group or yourself to the fair from this link (when registering, choose a suitable arrival time for your group or yourself):

Arrival at the fair requires pre-registration.

Upon arrival at the fair area, the QR code of the entrance ticket is read at the gate, which is sent by email upon registration. For tutor groups, the tutor will receive an access code for their entire group, students arriving independently will receive a personal access ticket to their email.

Please arrive at the Study in Turku fair only in good health. Our staff will also come to work only completely healthy.

The fair is organized with weather reservation.