The DSM Directive and Beyond: Implementation, Effects and Broader Related Issues


2.12.2022 at 9.15 - 15.45
The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (DSM Directive) 2019/790 affects in multiple ways not only the enforcement of copyright on the internet, but also more broadly the rights of users of on-line distribution platforms, text and data mining, algorithmic filtering of on-line expression, and the activities of collective management organizations (CMOs) and on-line actors like YouTube, Vimeo and TikTok. The seminar will focus on the implementations, effects and problems of the DSM Directive. It will also look at background questions, as well as issues related to future legislation like the Digital Services Act. It brings together some of the leading academics on these topics to discuss these topical themes.

You can participant on-line by Zoom too. A link will be sent to all participants closer to the event.



Opening words
Tuomas Mylly

Session I
Chair: Opening words
Tuomas Mylly

Article 17 DSM Directive in Action: a Comparative Analysis of National Implementation Strategies and the Empirical Review of OCSSPs' Terms and Conditions
Peter Mezei

Transposition of Disputes under Articles 17 and 21 of the DSM Directive
Jelizaveta Juricková

The Finnish Transposition of Article 17 of Directive 2019/790: Progress or Regress? V.2
Samuli Melart


Session II
Chair: Heidi Härkönen

Transposing the DSM Directive into national law: what can, should, and must Member States do?
Eleonora Rosati

The national transposition of Arts. 3 and 4 of the DSM Directive: a critical review of selected issues
Maryna Manteghi

Lunch break

Session III
Chair: Liudmila Sivetc

On-Line Platforms as Fundamental Rights Judges? DSM Directive and Digital Services Act as Examples.
Tuomas Mylly

Taking rights seriously? The problem with the Charter and incomplete harmonisation
Daniël Jongsma

Coffee break

Session IV
Chair: Samuli Melart

DSM directive and user-generated comments: problems of freedom of expression
Liudmila Sivetc

Metaverse and digital fashion designs: a copyright perspective
Heidi Härkönen

Main take-aways from the seminar and closing words
Tuomas Mylly

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