20 applied for vice rector positions at University of Turku


Marjo Kaartinen, who will begin her term as the new Rector in August, will elect vice rectors for a five-year term at the University of Turku. 

The University of Turku is currently in the process of selecting its vice rectors. The vice rectors, who will be elected for a five-year term, will support Rector Marjo Kaartinen, who will begin her term in August, in leading and developing the University of Turku. The terms of the vice rectors will start on 1 January 2025.  

The call for applications for the vice rector positions was open until 19 June. By the closing of the application period, the University received applications from the following applicants:  

  • Abdullah Ali Al-Kubaisi
  • Vice Rector Piia Björn, PhD, University of Turku
  • Professor Klaus Elenius, MD, University of Turku
  • CEO Mila Hakanen, DSc (Econ), Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus sr
  • Professor Jarna Heinonen, DSc (Econ), University of Turku
  • Head of Product Management Lasse Herttuainen, PhD, Neste Oyj
  • Amselet Kelati, PhD  
  • Research Director Aki Koponen, DSc (Econ), University of Turku
  • Principal Henry Leppäaho, EdD, City of Seinäjoki
  • Professor Eila Lindfors, EdD, University of Turku
  • Professor Maija Peltola, PhD, University of Turku
  • Professor Tapio Salakoski, PhD, University of Turku
  • Professor Sanna Salanterä, DHSc, University of Turku
  • Professor Hannu Salmela, DSc (Econ), University of Turku
  • Professor Piia Seppänen, EdD, University of Turku
  • Senior Strategic Advisor Hanna Smith, PhD, Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
  • University Lecturer Petri Susi, PhD, University of Turku
  • Professor Timo Tokola, PhD, University of Eastern Finland
  • Professor Pekka Vallittu, DDSc, University of Turku
  • University Lecturer Juha Vuori, DSocSci, University of Turku

“I am delighted that we attracted a lot of qualified applicants from a wide range of disciplines. The vice rectors’ duties consist of areas of responsibility in education, research, and societal interaction and impact,” says Kaartinen.  

The processing of the applications starts during the summer and the first round of interviews will take place in August. The Rector will decide on appointing the vice rectors during the autumn. The University will share information about the progress of the application process.  

The five-year terms of the current three vice rectors will end at the end of 2024. 


Updated 24 June: Corrected the title of Lasse Herttuainen. 

Created 20.06.2024 | Updated 24.06.2024