5G Network to Student Restaurant Galilei on University Hill


Unica’s student restaurant Galilei and Coffee House Wiklund at the city centre are the world’s first 5G cafeterias. In Galilei, the 5G network is open to customers from 21 May 2019 and the networks was opened at Coffee House on 15 April 2019.

Galilei’s customers can use the Elisa 5G network with Wi-Fi. The new 5G cafeterias are related to the three-year 5G partnership project between Elisa corporation, the goal of which is to strengthen the city's status as a smart city by using 5G.

In March, the Tech Trends report of the Future Today Institute in the United States ranked Turku as the seventh smartest city in the world in a list of 50 cities and the ranking was the best of the Finnish cities.

– One of the most important reasons for Turku’s success is the pioneering utilisation of mobile technology. This will rise to a new level with the 5G network built by Elisa. The partnership will bring new services and practical solutions to the citizens of Turku among the first in the world, says Strategy and Development Director Jussi Vira from the City of Turku.


Created 21.05.2019 | Updated 22.05.2019