Application of the Recommendation on Using Face Masks at the University of Turku


The coronavirus epidemic is accelerating in Southwest Finland. The Hospital District of Southwest Finland recommends that face masks are used in Souhtwest Finland in all situations where it is not possible to avoid close contacts. 

The recommendation for using face masks is applied on the Turku campus of the University of Turku.

Shared Indoor Facilities

Everyone should wear a face mask in the shared indoor facilities at the University, and especially in crowded places. These kind of places are, for example, areas in front of lecture halls, class rooms, service points, exits, restaurants, and other corresponding facilities. Recommendation on the use of face masks for citizens on THL’s website.

Working at the University 

For those work tasks that require visiting and spending time in the University's shared indoor facilities, the employer provides suitable face masks. The units acquire a sufficient amount of face masks for this purpose and organise their distribution. However, the remote work policy is still in force at the University and working at the University’s facilities requires permission from the supervisor. It is not necessary to wear face masks at work places where sufficient safe distance can be observed all the time or people work alone.

The instructions for working in a laboratory or conducting corresponding research work remain on their current confirmed level, and each laboratory or unit confirms them.

Teaching and Studying at the University

The instructions for teaching as well as laboratory and small group teaching and field courses remain in force: protective equipment is used if it is not possible to observe safe distances. Even when people maintain safe distances during the lecture, crowds can form when arriving to and leaving from the lecture and it might not be possible to observe safe distances. 

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Article updated on 8 Oct 2020. The introduction has been updated so that the recommendation applies to entire Southwest Finland.

Created 02.10.2020 | Updated 08.10.2020