Availability and accessibility as a part of the services


Availability and accessibility are an important part of the services of Turku University Library, but did you know about…

​Extended loan periods for course books

Print-disabled students have a right to an extended loan period for course books (14 days loans). The first loan period of the course book is 3 weeks.

Book fetching service

If you have a physical disability you can request books to be delivered to a library of your choice.

Study rooms for students requiring special arrangements for studying

Calonia Library has two special study rooms that are primarily intended for students requiring special arrangements for studying.  These can be reserved via Outlook.

Free Celia service for print-disabled students

The services of Celia are for anybody who has print disabilities. From Celia university students can borrow textbooks free of charge. You can become a Celia customer by contacting Turku University Library. The contact person is information specialist Ann-Louise Paasio.

Accessibily logo, tekijä Christy Blew, käyttöoikeus: CC BY-SA-NC
Created 25.02.2019 | Updated 26.02.2019