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Congressional -database offers a unique possibility to get to know the history and activities of the Congress of the United States beginning from the times of George Washington in 1789 up to today. What was on the Congress agenda during the Carter Administration and what about during the Reagan Administration?

The database consists of 6 different parts. 

Congress in Context

From the specially created historical profiles you can discover more about the Congressional periods beginning from the 1st in 1789 and up to the 116th Congressional period in 2020. Who had the majority in the House and Senate - Democrates or Republicans? Find out how historical events, the economic- and world situation may have influenced the legislation created during a particular Congressional period. 

CRS Reports (1916-2010)

This part includes reports from nonpartisan researchers of the Congressional Research Service (CRS) on public policy issues and news events. The reports are useful for background information and good starting points for research on a wide variety of topics, past and present. The reports provide analysis, statistics and overviews. 

Miscellaneous Publications (1830-2010)

This part includes publications from Congressional Committees and other governmental entities. From this section you can for example find the final report of almost 600 pages of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks (9/11 Commission) from 2004, ordered by the Congress. 
This section also includes the House & Senate journals. From the minutes of the House & Senate Journals you can find out what happened on a certain day, was a bill discussed?, were there other bills on the same topic that were considered? 

Congressional Record (1789-2009)

This part includes minutes on debates and remarks given on the floor of House and Senate. How did presidential candidate, senator of Delaware, Joe Biden vote on the question of supporting crofting of tobacco in 1975? Here you can find out how a certain congress member has spoken of a subject or how he or she has voted. 

Executive Branch (1789-1932)

Material issued by federal departments, agencies and commissions, including annual reports, general publications, serials, instructions, rules, circulars, decisions and registers. The documents include major events in U.S. history as well as politics and economics. To mention one example, you can find a Treasury Department circular from 1892 on disinfection of baggage belonging to immigrants from cholera infected countries before allowing them to enter the United States. 

Presidential Materials (1789-Present)

From this section you can find executive orders and other presidential publications, for example a proclamation signed by Donald Trump on April 27th concerning suspension of immigrant workers coming to the U.S. due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The database can be found via Volter-database
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