Diaspora Networks in International Business Under the Scope


​The discipline of International Business organised a workshop on Diaspora Networks in International Business. The seminar was a part of an on-going project DiasporaNet, which focuses on diaspora networks and their role in international business (IB).

The project is coordinated by Turku School of Economics, and the international and interdisciplinary team members represent various disciplines (international business, public administration, ethnology, psychology, history) and countries (Finland, Germany, Poland, the USA, Israel, Greece, Cyprus and Ghana).

‒ The fact that most of the researchers are diasporians themselves provides a unique constellation of resources, cultures and languages in addition to personal experience and the right chemistry of previous cooperation, says Project Leader, Postdoctoral Researcher Maria Elo.

The participants of the seminar pinpointed and discussed many novel issues especially in research on entrepreneurial activities of diasporans.
Prof. Jörg Freiling from the University of Bremen took part in the workshop and presented the activities of ZenTra and his research on transnational organisations. TSE master’s students Riikka Harikkala, Elkhan Jafarov and Miriam Karanja introduced their research work on knowledge transfer and spillover, entrepreneurship of diaspora networks and effects of double citizenship. Satu Aaltonen from TSE Entre presented results of ELIE project illustrating how vital trust building is for immigrant entrepreneurs in Finland. Päivi Jokela and Maria Elo explored Bukharian Jewish entrepreneurs in diaspora and diaspora entrepreneurs in an emerging market context.

The seminar took place at Turku School of Economics on the 28th of August. For more information on the project DiasporaNet, please contact Maria Elo maria.elo@utu.fi.

Text: Maria Elo and Taru Suhonen

Created 09.09.2013 | Updated 09.09.2013