Disability in the Modern World – Database for Disability Studies


Disability in the Modern World is a database for disability studies and also for the history of the disability rights movement. The content is interesting in several subjects point of view, such as education, advocacy and rights, legislation and politics, media, arts, sports, culture, race, sexuality, gender, war, industry and technology.

In this multimedia database you find book and journal material as well as a large amount of video material, for example No Limits, an Australian chat show seasons 2007-2013.  You can study the history of the U.S. disability rights movement via The Disability Rag journal and the successor The Ragged Edge journal archive. The digitized The Disability Rag covers years 1980-1986 and The Ragged Edge years 1987-2004. The journal was considered one of the most important publications of the U.S. disability rights movement.

An interesting part consists of digitized primary sources, such as governmental documents, minutes, photos, interviews, notes and letters.

You can browse the resources by archival collections, disciplines, titles, organizations, publishers or for example by person on place.

The database can be found in the Volter database.


Created 12.01.2022 | Updated 12.01.2022