Educarium collection point closed between August 5 and August 7 – the collection point shuts down, reservations are returned


The collection point is open until August for the University staff and students to reserve materials to be picked up.

The Educarium collection point is shut down on August 5

  • The reserved books that have not been picked up until August 4 will be returned.
  • The returns will be transferred back to their home libraries and are available for other customers.

The libraries are opened on August 10, after which books can be reserved and picked up following the normal procedures.

  • Books in general collections can be reserved between July 31 and August 7 but they will not be transferred to Educarium.
  • Books reserved after July 31 can be picked up from the library unit in which they belong.
  • Course books that are available cannot be reserved after July 30.

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Created 29.07.2020 | Updated 04.08.2020