Entrepreneurship Course Launches EC2U Education Collaboration


Entrepreneurship for research professionals is the first joint course of the EC2U Alliance. Organised by Turku School of Economics, the course can be applied to with a motivation letter by all doctoral candidates of the EC2U universities. Completing the course also gives the students an opportunity to participate in the activities of EC2U Entrepreneurship Academy in spring 2022.

EC2U is an Alliance of seven European universities. In addition to the University of Turku, the members of the Alliance include the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi in Romania, the University of Coimbra in Portugal, the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena in Germany, the University of Pavia in Italy, the University of Poitiers in France, and the University of Salamanca in Spain. The first joint Master's degree programmes will start in autumn 2022.

The objective of the co-operation is to create a pan-European campus with a new model of quality education. The aim of the Alliance is that the co-operation produces synergy benefits for education, research, and innovation.

EC2U was accepted into the network of European Universities Initiative in summer 2020. The process of developing the first master's degree programmes begun right away, and the first student intake is next year. Included in the activities of Entrepreneurial Academy, Entrepreneurship for research professionals is the first individual EC2U course.

In addition to the University of Turku, other EC2U universities also organise their own entrepreneurship courses, and in spring semester 2022, they jointly organise Entrepreneurial Academy, to which each partner sends participants. 

If more than six students from other EC2U universities apply to the Entrepreneurship for research professionals course in addition to the students of the University of Turku, their participation will be made possible in hybrid form education.

The course discusses entrepreneurship both from the level of an individual and a team. Its central themes include entrepreneurship as career option, business idea and creating possibilities, and planning business activities. During the course, the students evaluate their own entrepreneurial knowledge and create business ideas in teams.

In addition to teachers from Turku School of Economics, the teaching of the course is also provided by BoostTurku/SparkUp, which offers help in founding start-up businesses.

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Created 13.09.2021 | Updated 13.09.2021