KVS10/TMS32 course dealing with EU-Russia economic relations is organized in the fourth period


The course, organized by Pan-European Institute, brings interesting visiting lecturers to Turku in March and April. Among the speakers are representatives of business and experienced high-level professors.

The development of the EU-Russia economic relations course takes a deeper look into the past, present and future of the economic relations between the EU and Russia.

Professor and Director of Pan-European Institute (TSE) Kari Liuhto starts the lectures by presenting the foundations of the EU-Russia economic relations. Professor Stanislav Tkachenko, Vice Rector of St. Petersburg State University, gives two lectures – the first presenting the contemporary issues in EU-Russia economic relations and the second giving prospects for bilateral and multilateral relations between Russia and its Western neighbors.

Professor of Practice at Turku School of Economics and the Director of Confederation of Finnish Industries Taneli Lahti takes a look into the future of Europe's external economic relations – is Europe still a global player in 2030? Also from of the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Director Petri Vuorio lectures about the trade policy context of EU-Russia relations.

Sannamaaria Vanamo, Deputy Director General of Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland, lectures with a topic “Finland’s relations with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus”. Professor of International Relations, Hiski Haukkala, gives lecture considering the clashing perceptions of EU-Russia economic relations and Arto Luukkanen from University of Helsinki concentrates on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Lectures open for everyone

”The development of EU-Russia economic relations” is part of Master’s level studies in International Business. The course gives an overview of the background, development and current state of EU-Russia economic relations. The course teaches students how to analyse the impact of the EU-Russia relations on the every-day business between the companies based in the EU and Russia.

The course, organized by Pan-European Institute, is held at Turku School of Economics between 19th March and 11th April. The lectures are open for all who are interested in the subject.

For more details, please contact Reetta Mansikkaviita / Research assistant at Pan-European Institute.

Created 18.02.2019 | Updated 20.02.2019