FiDPEL Newsletter 2013/08


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The re-formation of doctoral training in the universities is in progress – FiDPEL continues as a network of doctoral programmes

During the year 2013, the doctoral training in Finnish universities is being under reform. From now on, each doctoral candidate belongs to the graduate school and doctoral programme of their own university. As a part of this change, FiDPEL will no longer be a separate doctoral programme which opens new full-time positions for doctoral candidates. Paid positions will be opened in the universities’ own doctoral programmes.

Despite these changes, networking over the borders of universities and research areas will be extremely important in the future as well. Thus, FiDPEL will continue its existence as a network of doctoral programmes. Doctoral candidates belonging to the doctoral programmes are able to attend the activities of FiDPEL as before. For example, annual seminars will be organized like during the past years. The possibility offered by FiDPEL to network with doctoral candidates in other universities and gain supervision from experts working in other universities will not be disappearing anywhere!

Open doctoral candidate positions in the doctoral programmes of FiDPEL network

FiDPEL will inform its members of the full-time positions opened in doctoral programmes belonging to FiDPEL. Now there are open positions in the doctoral programmes at the universities of Oulu and Turku.

Human Sciences Doctoral Programme (EUDA-DP) in the University of Oulu calls for applicants for ten 4-year and five 2-year positions. Application period is under way and will be closed on September 16th.
See the call for applications

KEVEKO and OPPI doctoral programmes in the University of Turku call for applicants for the doctoral candidate positions. Application period is from September 2nd to September 30th.
See the call for applications

The new FiDPEL website is being updated

The updating of the new FiDPEL website is still going on and little by little, the site is getting its shape. Especially follow the Current issues, where important events and for example openings of the doctoral training positions will be published.

On the website, you can now also find links to the internet pages of organizations and actors important for FiDPEL members. In the future, the website might serve as a portal to important information. Unfortunately the links have been so far added only to the Finnish language side of website, but they will appear on the English one soon. Also, on the Finnish side, link lists are not complete, and when you notice something important missing, please inform the coordinator of the shortages. On the whole, all the ideas concerning the developing the website are welcome.

Have you just defended your dissertation or is your public defense in the near future?

Please remember to inform the coordinator of your upcoming dissertation. It is important to disseminate information of the dissertations within FiDPEL. The list of the doctoral theses is also maintained on the FiDPEL website. So, whether you have been on the paid position or on the so called status position, please remember to inform of the finishing up your dissertation!

FERA Conference on Education 2013 in November

The annual Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA) Conference on Educational Research is the main national event of educational researchers in Finland. This year the Conference is organized in Jyväskylä, 21–22 November, 2013 under the theme “Education for future well-being and teaching excellence”. The conference will also mark the celebration of 150 years of teacher education in Finland.

The programme will include parallel paper sessions, methodological workshops and pre-conference seminars in which educational research can be presented in English, Swedish or Finnish. The deadline for abstract submission is 1st October. Please visit the conference website and get acquainted to the programme.

Have a nice and industrious beginning of the autumn!

The next FiDPEL Newsletter will be published at the end of September. If you have something that you wish to be communicated to the FiDPEL members, please notify the coordinator.

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