FinEd Newsletter 2/2017


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​Pre-seminar of the FinEd Network to the FERA 2017 Conference, November 29, 2017 in Rovaniemi: “PhD Trajectories in Educational Sciences in Finland of 100 Years”

This year, the annual FinEd seminar  is organised as a pre-seminar of the FinEd Network to the FERA 2017 Conference, entitled “PhD Trajectories in Educational Sciences in Finland of 100 Years”. It links closely to the theme of the main FERA Conference on “Taking part to play a part: Towards professional development”, with focus on the doctoral candidates. The pre-seminar is organised together with The Finnish Educational Research Association, the University of Lapland and University of Oulu. 
The pre-seminar is a part of Finland’s centenary celebration, “Finland 100 Years”. The overall theme of the centenary year is ‘Together’, which is also a central denominator to the national FinEd Network. In 2016, the Network was formed by seven Finnish universities to sustain and develop the national cooperation of the education scientists and its doctoral training in Finland. In the middle of increasing global, national and individual competition, the pre-seminar reminds that only cooperation over various borders is a way to real progress of science as well as the development of individual researchers.
The pre-seminar offers the doctoral candidates of the FinEd Network several perspectives on their PhD trajectories. One of the main purposes of the seminar is to offer opportunities for social sharing for the doctoral candidates. In the first part of the pre-seminar, professor Kirsti Lonka (University of Helsinki) introduces the participants to the theme of the seminar with her keynote lecture on the writing process of the PhD Students. In addition, the programme includes four workshops that aim to deepen the views and understanding of the doctoral candidates in themes of PhD trajectories: on researcher network, writing the thesis, planning the career and financing the studies with grants.
The pre-seminar is directed to doctoral candidates, mentors and supervisors of the FinEd network and the University of Helsinki. The travel and accommodation (one night) costs of the seminar are covered by the FinEd to all doctoral candidates of the FinEd member universities. The registration for the pre-conference is made with electronic form of the FERA Conference during 1-30 September (NB. the deadline). NB: The maximum number of doctoral candidates is 40 participants.
Read more at the webpage of the seminar.  

Advance notice: FinEd symposium in FERA main Conference:  ”In it together – Showcasing ongoing doctoral research in the FinEd network”

The FinEd Network also warmly welcomes doctoral candidates to the symposium in the main FERA Conference, entitled “In it together – Showcasing ongoing doctoral research in the FinEd network / Yhdessä – FinEd verkoston väitöstutkimuskavalkadi”. The symposium offers a continuation of the pre-conference and invites the doctoral candidates to present their ongoing research with brief Pecha kucha -inspired talks. The audience will get an overview of ongoing doctoral research in the nationwide network and a chance to engage with each other. The symposium presentations can be held in either Finnish or English.
The deadline for abstract submission is 2 October 2017. Abstracts (max length 250 words) must be submitted using the online submission system of the FERA Conference. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by 16 October 2017. 

Query about the FinEd mentor pool – please reply by August 31th!

The FinEd mentor pool was started in autumn 2016. Via mentor pool, the doctoral candidates of FinEd may contact the experts of their own research area and for example ask for comments on their article drafts and other texts. The FinEd mentors are in principle committed to taking part in the annual seminars and possible pre-seminars of the network, as well as to act as mentors to the doctoral candidates. At the beginning of the year, the guidelines of the mentor pool were specified in the webpage of the mentor pool.
The network is now exploring the function of the pool, as well as the experiences and views on it of all the doctoral candidates and the mentors of the FinEd. This is done by a short query at  
You may reply in English or in Finnish. Thank you for sharing your thoughts by the end of August, 2017!

Upcoming conferences and seminars

  • 8th ICEEPSY - The International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology. 11th - 14th October 2017 in Faculty of Medicine - University of Porto. Abstract submission deadline 15 July 2017. Conference website 
  • Media Education Conference (MEC 2017) – Under the Northern Lights! MEC is organized by the Centre for Media Pedagogy at the University of Lapland, on 27 – 29 November 2017 in Rovaniemi, Finland. Deadline for abstract submissions 21 August 2017. Please check the conference website for details of programme, keynotes, paper submission and registration:
    NB. The MEC Conferenes is organised in Rovaniemi during the same week as the FinEd pre-seminar and the FERA Conference. The presentations of the MEC conferences are published in the open access journal
  • 14th ETMU Days - Race, Power and Mobilities. October 26–27, 2017 in University of Jyväskylä. Call for papers open between July 1 - August 31, 2017. The 2017 website will be launched very soon at
  • The Autumn Symposium of the Finnish Association for Applied Linguistics (AFinLA) “Building New Literacies”. November 10-11, 2017 in Turku. The deadline for submitting an abstract is September 15. For more information, visit the website

Survey about the data management knowledge and data literacy of researchers and research students in research institutions (Information Studies, University of Oulu)

Survey aims to collect data about the data management knowledge and data literacy of researchers and research students in research institutions. This is part of a large international study and the survey will be repeated at least in 26 countries. In Finland the study is conducted by Information Studies, University of Oulu. Responding will take approximately 10 minutes. Please answer before 14th or July in  

Relaxing summer to all the members of the FinEd Network!

The next FinEd Newsletter will be published in early autumn. If you have something that you wish to be communicated to the FinEd members, please contact the coordinator.

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