Finnish-Namibian Joint Tech Campus Promotes Cross-cultural ICT Learning Between Africa and the Nordics


The first Finnish overseas university campus in Namibia, a partnership between the University of Turku and the University of Namibia, provides courses in programming and educational robotics. When computer science students and teachers from Finland and Namibia come together to develop human-centred technologies on campus, unique cultural lenses are essential to identifying and solving problems. Read the article Alina Wekström has witten about the co-operation.

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Article is written by Alina Weckström from Ambitius Africa. Ambitious Africa was founded in 2020 with a goal to initiate and support Nordic and African youth-led large-scale grassroots projects with social impact in Africa. It is an umbrella organization of +20 entrepreneurship societies from the Nordics and young change-makers and organizations across Africa. Within a few months, the initiative has started operations in 21 African countries with plans to spread to all 54 African nations.

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Created 28.07.2020 | Updated 28.07.2020